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RectLabel for object detection

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По Ryo Kawamura

An image annotation tool to label images for bounding box object detection and segmentation.

Key features:
Drawing bounding box, polygon, cubic bezier, line, and point
Label the whole image without drawing boxes
Label pixels with superpixel and brush tools
Export index color mask image and separated mask images
Export to the YOLO, KITTI, COCO JSON, and CSV format
Read and write in the PASCAL VOC XML format
Auto-suggest speeds up selecting the object name
Customize the label dialog to combine with attributes
1-click buttons make your labeling work faster
Settings for objects, attributes, hotkeys, and labeling fast
Search images by label text
Convert video to image frames
Layer order for overlapped boxes
Quick zoom to existing boxes

We provide the python code to connect to the Mask R-CNN in Tensorflow.

The details are described on our support page.

License policy:
You can use RectLabel to develop the commercial object detection system.

Privacy policy:
We Collect No Personal Information Using Our Applications.

Found some problems?
Post the problem to our Github issues page

Have questions?
Send an email to

Thank you.

Заметки о выпуске

15.03.2019 | Версия : 2.58 | Размер : 14,7 MB
- Added "Export settings file for the old version" on App menu.
From App menu, select "Export settings file for the old version".
You can export the settings file for the current project which could work with the version 1.96.

- Added the link of "Obtain the version before starting in-app purchase" on the purchase dialog for existing users.
If you bought RectLabel before starting in-app purchase, you can ask us to send the version 1.96 which is just before the in-app purchase.
At first, restore purchase from app menu to make the app purchase receipt in your app to the latest one.
Then, zip and send RectLabel app(/Applications/ to
We would check the original app version which you bought, the transaction id for your payment, and the date when your app purchase receipt was updated.
If we could confirm, we would send the version 1.96 to you.

Before launching the version 1.96, be sure to "Export settings file for the old version" from app menu.
Otherwise when you launch the version 1.96, the current settings file would be cleared because the old version cannot read the current format.
Import the exported settings file after you launch the version 1.96.

08.03.2019 | Версия : 2.57 | Размер : 14,7 MB
- Added "Use images_folder/annotations" on the "Others" tab of the settings dialog.
Checking this on, when you press "Open folder", you just have to open the images folder.
For the annotations folder, we always use "images_folder/annotations" folder.
- Fixed the problem when you import CSV and the image size was sometimes wrong.
- Fixed the problem when you changed the object color in grayscale on the settings dialog.
- Improved the speed to open the label dialog when you are using 1-click buttons.

05.03.2019 | Версия : 2.55 | Размер : 14,7 MB
- Added "Copy" boxes with command + C and "Paste" boxes with command + V across images.
- Improved so that when you press the next or prev image button, the superpixel under the button do not respond.


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