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По Dmitry Obukhov

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Paste is a smart clipboard and snippets manager, it’s a new way to copy and paste on your Mac and iPhone.

Paste is an invaluable productivity tool for writers, developers, designers and everyone else who likes to get their job done.

"Paste is the Mac clipboard manager you never knew you needed." — The Next Web


Paste stores everything you copy and allows you to use your clipboard history anytime you need it, across all your devices. It recognizes text, images, links, files, and any other type of content.

– Extend system clipboard capacity and get back the date you've copied previously.
– Quickly browse through a visualized history and preview any type of content.
– Search through your history with intelligent filters.


Organize, preview and access your frequently used snippets quickly with Pinboards. Tight system integration and intuitive user experience allow you to focus on your core tasks.

– Create Pinboards and organize your clipboard history the way you need it.
– Pin snippets you use regularly and access them instantly.
– Configure your own shortcuts for seamless copy-pasting between apps.


All the data securely syncs via iCloud across all your devices running Paste. It plays well with Universal Clipboard. Check out Paste for iPhone too!

– Keep clipboard history and Pinboards in sync on all your devices.
– Share snippets with your friends or send it via AirDrop to other devices.


– Exclude applications with sensitive information and don’t track it in Paste.
– Remove formatting from copied text and paste any content as Plain Text.
– Large preview for any type of snippet in your clipboard history or Pinboard.
– Select and paste multiple items simultaneously, drag-n-drop to any application.
– And even more!

Download Paste and supercharge your productivity!

1,150 р

Заметки о выпуске

13.02.2019 | Версия : 2.4.2 | Размер : 13,5 MB
This update includes some security improvements introduced in macOS Mojave.

If you have any questions, please let us know on and follow @paste_app on Twitter. We're always here to help!

20.11.2017 | Версия : 2.2.5 | Размер : 13,3 MB
Hi there and thank you so much for the feedback you sent us!

This is a minor update that fixes some sync related issues.

IMPORTANT: Please update Paste on all your devices to the latest version.

Follow @paste_app on Twitter and feel free to contact if you have any issues.

04.07.2017 | Версия : 2.2.3 | Размер : 10,9 MB
Thanks again for using Paste and for all your feedback!

In this version:

– We've dramatically increased sync speed and performance, no high CPU load anymore
– Copy text as Plain Text option has been replaced to more straightforward Always paste as Plain Text
– Improved performance when copy multiple files
– Fixed drag-n-drop when selecting multiple snippets

Follow @paste_app on Twitter and feel free to contact if you have any issues.


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