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“You simplify emails. It’s not just an email app – it’s a new working space.” NickD

"I think it will be a revolution to email apps! It makes it much easier and quick to read and reply emails, like chats do and boom! Appreciate all the hard work to make it happen!" Alexander

“Excellent job with this app! You made my office life easier I can finally handle all the emails I get daily!” anaban167

Loop Email turns your email into a collaboration hub. It’s your new workplace, where you can work with your team and get things done from one app.

After installing Loop Email you will be able to:

• setup a shared inbox and manage busy email accounts together with your colleagues
• have team chat conversations
• resolve all client related emails within Loop
• have side-chat discussions about an email before confirming back to the client (replaces BCC)
• have effective teamwork with all files, messages and emails from one place
• create as many teams as needed to organize your business conversations
• simply sign in and invite your colleagues to get started. No registration or credit card is needed.


Заметки о выпуске

03.07.2019 | Версия : 5.14.1 | Размер : 75,5 MB
Another week, another heatwave! Here's some refreshingly cool updates:

- In the left bar you'll find the ASSIGNED channel with all the emails assigned to YOU.
- The process of new users joining is simpler and faster, so bring your team on board if you haven't yet!
- Last but not least, the "save as" function is now fully supported and we also annihilated some bugs.

Happy LOOPing!

03.01.2018 | Версия : 2.3.4 | Размер : 115,4 MB
At some point or another, we have all stopped to ask ourselves: "What oh what is the
meaning of life?" Well, perhaps it is hidden among these very release notes!...

New stuff:

- Favorites: you can now manually add your most important contacts to your side-menu for
super-quick access to their messages.

- Search: we’ve given Search a brand new look (there’s now a separate column for

- You can now copy, paste and edit text with ease. So you can do stuff like copying text from
inside 4th Office and pasting it into a document.

- You can now select and copy your contacts’ email addresses.

- You can chat with contacts who aren’t even on 4th Office. (They’ll receive messages in
email format.)

Buggy stuff

- Sometimes, users’ snippets weren’t updating correctly – but now they are!

- Fixed: a bug where “Load more” kept spinning in users’ stream views

- “Load more” is now faster on Chat.

...Did you find it? Well did you?!

27.11.2017 | Версия : 2.2.0 | Размер : 129,0 MB
So what’s new?

We’ve redesigned Agenda to be more prominent and easier to use. No hidden agenda, promise.

You’re invited to check out the new RSVP. Cool, huh? Most welcome.

Get closer to your favourite Contacts and use the CMD+K shortcut we’ve created. <3

Now you see it, now you don’t. See how the menu on the left side collapses when you don’t
really need it.

Chat is getting a makeover. It now looks better and offers you faster communication.
You can now see the preview of rich links and video links when chatting. Now that's rich! ;)

Was that a bug?

Never mind, it’s gone now.

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