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3 790 р.

"If you need time/date stamps, image type conversion, size changes, basic touch-up, or watermarks applied to your photographs, BatchPhoto will allow you to do this simply."
— Steve's Digicams -

"Filters and effects are really what make BatchPhoto special. Features in editing your batch are very, very extensive. Every filter you can imagine is available in BatchPhoto"
— MakeUseOf Review -

Do you have hundreds of photos on your Mac waiting to be sorted out and edited? With BatchPhoto it doesn't matter if you have just a few or thousands of them, it will be just as easy & fast to edit them!

Instead of enhancing and adjusting pictures individually, BatchPhoto lets you select a group of images, define a series of edits, and apply them in a single operation. Here is what you can do:

Transform & Adjust
• Resize hundreds of photos in one step for easy sharing or to save space;
• Automatically Rotate dozens of digital photos to portrait or landscape based on the embedded metadata;
• Easily adjust the DPI and the document size in inches;
• Replace any color in the image, with another color or with the alpha channel;
• Crop a rectangular section from multiple images at once

Convert & Rename
• Convert to and from 170 image formats, including JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, PNG and more;
• Create PDF albums from multiple digital photos for easy sharing;
• Support for RAW image formats (digital negatives) from DSLR digital cameras;
• Change the cryptic names generated by digital cameras to meaningful names

Annotate & Decorate
• Automatically stamp the original Date/Time (as recorded by the digital camera) on photos;
• Protect photos with text and logo Watermarks;
• Add single or multi-line Text Comments to pictures in bulk;
• Decorate photos with beautifully designed graphical frames like Grunge, Vintage, Picture or Shape

Special Effects & Touch-Ups
• Apply special effects like: Sepia, Black & White, Oil Paint, Charcoal Sketch and more;
• Touch-up photos by adjusting the Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, and more;
• Use the Auto Contrast filter to simply adjust the contrast for multiple pictures

Additional Functionality
• Take advantage of multi-core CPUs to edit and convert thousands of images in one session;
• Upload images to Flickr, FTP or send via email in the same session;
• Use predefined or custom defined profiles to improve productivity;
• Use scripts to automate tasks and run the app from the command-line

3 790 р.

Заметки о выпуске

03.07.2019 | Версия : 4.4 | Размер : 39,7 MB
• Watermark-Text - Added keywords with fields from the EXIF metadata
• Watermark-Text - Added GPS keywords for Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude
• Date - Added date format with comma after day (US standard)
• Contrast - Adjusted filter range
• Updated support for new DSLR digital cameras
• Rename. Added option to reset the counter for each folder
• Updated for macOS Mojave (10.14)

13.02.2019 | Версия : 4.3 | Размер : 29,0 MB
• Watermark-Mask - New filter to add an image overlay over the entire image
• Watermark-Text - Added option to watermark photos with different texts from a text file
• Watermark-Text - Added copyright symbol keywords
• Date - Added the option to stamp only the time
• BatchPhoto is now available in the Spanish language
• Updated localizations for the Italian, German, French, and Japanese languages
• Updated for macOS High Sierra (10.13)
• Removed support for OS X Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), Mavericks (10.9), and Yosemite (10.10) due to compatibility issues

28.09.2016 | Версия : 4.2 | Размер : 25,7 MB
• Powerful new Details view in Step 1 for visualizing and sorting thousands of images
• Sort photos in Step 1 by Name, Type, Date Taken, Dimensions, Size, Location, Camera, F-stop, Exposure, ISO, DPI, Color, Coordinates, and even Altitude!

Graphic Filters
• Resize - Added new option: 'Don't upscale images that are smaller than specified size'
• Resize - Added two decimal precision for the Percents option and updated interface
• Auto Crop - Added the option to specify a custom ratio and the 3:2 predefined ratio
• Auto Crop - New option to select the crop region as Left/Top, Center, or Right/Bottom
• Crop - Added two decimal precision for the Percents option. Updated cropping rectangle to be visible on white backgrounds

Image Formats
• Updated support for new DSLR digital cameras

• Fix: Changing photos in Step 2 sometimes caused the app to crash
• Fix: Some images with wrong EXIF fields crashed the app
• Fix: Date filter settings window displayed artefacts
• Fix: Font size for some interface elements was too large


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