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Make money selling your old stuff and buy great new things at bargain prices.

Wallapop is a free virtual flea market for iPhone & iPad that allows you to buy & sell second hand products.

MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR OLD STUFF Sell anything you want! Just take a picture and post it on Wallapop – and voilá! It’s now available to buyers in your local area.

BUY GREAT NEW THINGS Everything for sale on Wallapop is displayed according to how fast you can get to it! Contact directly with the seller, and even meet him or her to see the item before you buy it.

More than six million people have joined Wallapop…

• Wallapop lets you make money, while saving money on cool stuff. Pretty nifty.
• Delivery charges, waiting time, untruthful product descriptions, the hassle of returns… Forget about all this. A meeting is all it takes to buy and sell whatever you want.
• The app includes many collections and categories, including cars, electronics, fashion and accessories, babies and children, sport and leisure, video games, films, house and home… You’ll find everything you are looking for.
• Wallapop helps you recycle, and even upcycle if that’s what floats your boat. It’s a sustainable way to shop, giving old things a second chance and a brand new owner. Ahem… Did we mention there are no delivery vans or industrial transport?

*** Your exact address will always stay confidential. Your current location is only displayed within a 1km radius and will never be used for commercial use.

Download Wallapop now and join the trending local flea market…

Wallapop is supported by iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5 and higher.


Wallapop PRO:

• Enjoy the advantages of being a professional and increase your sales being a featured seller.
• Your products will appear in the "Featured sellers" area in searches.
• The other users will be able to keep you as a favorite and access your profile whenever they want.

Recurring monthly payment, that you can cancel at any time. If you decide to purchase a subscription, the payment will be charged to your iTunes account. The amount will be charged to your account within 24 hours before the end of the current validity period. Once the purchase is made, you can deactivate the automatic renewal at any time from the iTunes settings. If you want more information, visit our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Wallapop PRO subscription price starts at €39.99/month.

Terms and Conditions: https://uk.wallapop.com/toc
Privacy Policy: https://uk.wallapop.com/priv

Заметки о выпуске

07.01.2016 | Версия : 1.9.8 | Размер : 30,7 MB
Happy holidays! Santa brings in this release:
- Faster app load time
- Items with firm prices no longer receive counter offers
- Miscellaneous bugs
- Peter bobblehead
- Chat improvements (we're working on it, folks!)

Are we what's up? Leave your 5-star review, it really helps the listings grow & then you have more great deals! Follow us on Twitter @Wallapop_US, on Instagram @Wallapop or on FB!

25.11.2015 | Версия : 1.9.7 | Размер : 27,7 MB
We finished a few things in time to start brining our turkey and filling our deep fryer with oil:

- New options to filter your searches and add to your listings: Firm prices, Trades accepted, Shipping available.
- You can now save your searches, so you won't forget what you were looking for, like that genius gift idea you had for the holidays for your difficult to shop for girlfriend
- OOOH, SHINY: Bulletin section now delivers the latest Wallapop news, ideas, and funnies.

Are we what's up? Take a moment to leave your 5-star review, it really helps the listings grow so that you have more choices! You can also follow us @Wallapop_US, or find us on Facebook and Instagram!

18.02.2016 | Версия : 1.9.11 | Размер : 33,8 MB
Welcome onboard iOS release v1.9.11. The captain has switched off the seatbelt sign; you are free to move about the app as you wish. We’d like to recognize our iOS 7 holders who will now have full functionality as our technicians have patched up the app for their usability. Our captain has assured us we will no longer be crashing on profile pages nor when landing on listings without photos. For our guests using Watch, we invite you to enjoy our full range of services.

On behalf of Wallapop’s entire crew, we’d like to thank you for downloading this release and we look forward to making this app as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Are we what's up? Leave your 5-star review, it really helps the listings grow & then you have more great deals! Follow us on Twitter @Wallapop_US, on Instagram @Wallapop or on FB!


Категории :
#9 : Топ кассовых приложений [Покупки]
#41 : Топ кассовых приложений для iPad [Покупки]

Скриншоты iPhone / iPod :

Скриншоты iPhone / iPod Скриншоты iPhone / iPod Скриншоты iPhone / iPod Скриншоты iPhone / iPod Скриншоты iPhone / iPod

Скриншоты iPad :

Скриншоты iPad Скриншоты iPad Скриншоты iPad Скриншоты iPad Скриншоты iPad


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