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Dress up your Lyly

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Dress up your Lyly is a fantastic interactive game where your children can have fun dressing up the little Lyly with to a multitude of outfits and accessories. Designed for children +2

"A funny game! ... Illustrations are as fantastic as those of Lyly Fairy" - Paola, 34 years old, Mom.
"A pleasant way to spend time with my little children" - Lory - 41 year old mom.

The game allows you - with simple gestures - to dress up Fairy Lyly and create thousands of different combinations of clothes and accessories.
Colorful, fun, full of animations and sounds. All illustrations are hand made with love.
Dress up your Lyly is the ideal game to entertain your children!

7 categories of clothes and accessories
1 animated window
1 magical wardrobe
many sounds
original illustrations, entirely handmade
endless combinations!

Category: Games
Update: August 2, 2013
Version: 1.0
Dimensions: 45MB
Language: Italian, English
Supported by: iPad


Заметки о выпуске

26.11.2013 | Версия : 1.1 | Размер : 44,4 MB
- Camera fixed
- Minor bug fixes

13.09.2013 | Версия : 1 | Размер : 44,4 MB

Скриншоты iPad :

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