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По Stefan Campo


***This is the login app for operators***

State of the Art Hospitality Management Reservation App
The newly designed app specifically for the hospitality management industry and its booking and reservation needs.

Sharc is an asset for the business operator, its clients and travel agents. It is designed for the hospitality industry, so you can oversee reservations or bookings for your services or events. With Sharc, you can access everything in one app from your smartphone or your desktop computer.

Created with Experience
Sharc was developed by Moana Management Consulting, who works with dive operators and liveaboards. With experience in the hospitality industry, we know what features are needed to make the perfect app. When you use Sharc, you are going to have an all-new app experience.

The App That Benefits Many People
While the app is great for the operators of hospitality establishments, it is also great for client or customers who are scheduling or who have already scheduled trips. They can quickly and easily access their reservations and make changes as necessary.

Travel agents can also make great use of the app, using it to make reservations for clients so they can ensure trips and adventures are scheduled just as they want. If you are looking for a great booking app to meet your needs, try Sharc. This is the app made for the hospitality and tourism industry by people experienced in the industry.
Try Sharc today to see the Difference for Yourself! It is the Tourism App Made by People Experienced in the Industry.

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06.12.2016 | Версия : 1.0 | Размер : 2,3 MB

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