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По Stereochrome Co

Introducing the cartography app for designers. Turn your spatial data into beautiful, effective maps with Mapcaptain's powerful and user-friendly mapmaking tools.

• Create multi-layered maps
• Set the scale, position, and rotation of your maps
• Choose from common map projections including Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic, and Albers Equal-Area

• Render point, line, and polygon symbols
• Select fill and stroke colors
• Set size and shape of point symbols
• Add subclasses

• Label features by their attribute values
• Specify the font, case, spacing, size, color, alignment, placement, and rotation of labels
• Emphasize labels with text halos

• Create layouts with one or more maps
• Pick from preset layout sizes or specify your own
• Export layouts to PDFs or images
• Print layouts directly from Mapcaptain

• Import Shapefile, GeoJSON, and CSV files
• Filter features by their attribute values
• View and edit attribute and coordinate values

Free Trial
• Mapcaptain comes with a 7-day free trial
• After the trial, document viewing and exporting remain free, but editing requires a one-time in-app purchase

• Mapcaptain does not guarantee spatial accuracy and should not be used in cases where it is required, such as navigation, surveying, or law.
• Mapcaptain needs spatial datasets in order to draw maps, but it does not ship with any. Free datasets can be found online through 3rd parties and imported into Mapcaptain. All datasets are subject to their respective licenses.

Заметки о выпуске

05.12.2017 | Версия : 1.2 | Размер : 9,3 MB
• Mapcaptain Project files now take up marginally less space, depending on the project
• The Map and Layout browser is now more navigable via the arrow keys
• Dragging a map's position can now be undone and redone more easily

• Several memory leaks have been plugged

17.11.2017 | Версия : 1.1 | Размер : 9,2 MB
• Mapcaptain Project files now use a custom icon
• Importable data files (Shapefile, GeoJSON, and CSV) can be opened directly from the document browser

• The Restore Purchase button should work more reliably
• An issue where characters in some fonts wouldn't display is fixed
• A crash that could occur when trying to draw datasets referenced to the wrong coordinate system is fixed

Performance Gains
• Stroke calculations are now marginally faster for large datasets

16.11.2017 | Версия : 1.0.1 | Размер : 8,9 MB
• Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Mapcaptain Pro purchase window without a certain font installed
• Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting a subclass layer
• Corrected the drawing order of subclass layers

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