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Filmora Video Editor

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По Wondershare Software Co., Ltd

Filmora is an intuitive, easily mastered video editing software that lets you focus on making your videos amazing.
Specially designed for video editing beginners, Filmora Video Editor not only allows you to do all the basic editing work such as trimming, merging, cropping etc. , advanced editing features, such as video overlay(PIP), multi-screen, Chroma-key etc. are also available for skilled users who want more hard-core effects.
Over 1000 of pre-made Hollywood special effects will enable you to easily turn a video into something extraordinary with minimal effort.

Get a quick video overview of how Filmora works:

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>>>Support Editing Videos of any type

+ Import your videos/photos shot by iPhone, GoPro, camcorder or other devices.
+ Download photos/videos directly from Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.
+ Record anything appearing on your Mac screen with voice over.
+ Take snapshots for your video clips at any moment you like.
+ Scan video clips for scene changes, to separate footage into individual cuts for advanced editing.

>>>Apply Pre-made Trendy Effects/Titles etc. to Videos, highly Customizable!

+ Enhance you movie by adding TEXT/CREDIT, such as Opener, lower 3D, 100% customizable.
+ Over 1000 hundreds filters and overlays for you to choose, all are free, and well designed.
+ Add more fun into your movie with the Mosaic and Blur face effects.
+ Create unique videos and slideshows with various transitions and elements.

>>>Personalize Your Story with Creativity

+ Cut, merge, trim, rotate, and crop any video files like MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, JPG, etc.
+ Create Time-lapse and Fast/Slow-motion video by adjusting the playing speed as you like.
+ Bring your work into next level with Green Screen, Split Screen and Picture-in-picture effects.
+ Stabilize your shaky Action Cam footage in one click.
+ Add some style to your videos by easily transforming them into fun, tilt-shift style miniature scenes.
+ Give your story a new style with easy-to-use color controls.
+ Precise control over both video and audio frame by frame.

>>>Don’t Forget the Music & Sound effects!

+ Choose royalty free music or audio effects from Filmora library, a hand chosen compilation of artists from the Pacific Northwest, with genres ranging from Hispter Folk to Electric Pop.
+ Apply music from your own iTunes collection
+ Allow you to adjust speed, volume and pitch of audio and you can fade in/out the audio at any part.

>>>Share with friends and family

+ Share directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more.
+ Burn videos to DVD with high quality and speed.
+ Export your clips to iPhone 7, Apple TV 1080P, PSP and other devices.
+ Preserve videos on your Mac in format MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, etc.


Please feel free to send us your question, we'll feedback to you ASAP.
Support team:
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Заметки о выпуске

29.12.2017 | Версия : 8.5.1 | Размер : 316,8 MB
1. New Holiday Effects Set for FREE!
2. Resolved several issues caused by the new speed adjustment algorithm.
3. Fixed some audio related issues: waveform unsync with audio
4. Reduce installer file size.
5. Resolved an issue that caused color difference of several titles.
6. Optimized some effect categories.

08.12.2017 | Версия : 8.5.0 | Размер : 212,2 MB
1. Customizable speed controls, now up to 100x fast mo and 0.01x slow mo.
2. Camera-shake/earthquake effects.
3. Easier to create 1:1 Square ratio videos for Instagram;
4. Supports 9:16 portrait project ratio and export profile.
5. Adds the option to auto crop or Pan and Zoom imported photos to fit project ratio. (esp. 3:2 DSLR photo or 9:16 phone photo to fit 16:9 project).
6. Blending mode/Opacity control for clips in PiP tracks.
7. Background blur effect for decorating black bars in portrait videos/photos.
8. Frame overlays for decorating black bars in portrait videos/photos or 3:2 DSLR photo.
9. New Time code digits controller for precise jump to desired time on Timeline.
10. Supports sub category structure for effect categories.
11. Allows more text tracks (up to 5) and more music tracks (up to 10).
12. Resolves an issue of saving project file.

16.11.2017 | Версия : 8.3.5 | Размер : 196,1 MB
Resolved several issues that might cause application quit unexpectedly.

What's new in 8.3.0:
1. Preview Render: now you can render the timeline for smoother playback.
2. GPU optimization: extended GPU acceleration support to graphic cards released in recent years
3. New sound effects added.
4. New transitions for creating photo slideshows.
5. Optimized photo motion for photo slideshow users
6.New basic text effects added


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#44 : Топ кассовых приложений для Mac [Видео]
#54 : Топ платных приложений для Mac [Видео]

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Комментарии и рейтинг Filmora Video Editor

Отличный редактор (7.6.1)
19.10.2016 18:21:00 5/5 По Оо24аа435
Программа достаточно простая, но есть всё необходимое для того, чтобы сделать учебный фильм (это моя задача).

There are some issues... (7.0.0)
21.06.2016 16:28:00 3/5 По Jip_
Basically intended to use this for cut/merge/crop/overlay/resize/repack and audio track merge not using filters. I can somewhat use that but it’s far from being perfect. Good price though. Not possible to crop at all. For large resolution no chance to crop a small region. There is no even option to enter the start pixel. No zoom to preview the crop. If you want to apply the same crop for cut areas it is not possible. There is a frame precise cut but it is sometimes buggy in positioning. No same as source option for export resolution.

Когда уже допилят прогу? (3.0.0)
04.06.2014 23:44:00 4/5 По dpalx
GUI малость подправили и всё на этом походу закончилось. upd. Ну вот - стало в разы лучше, уже можно пользоваться, а то хотел удалить и забыть )

ужас (2.0.4)
21.05.2013 19:44:00 1/5 По Cataspain
Загрузил. качество ужасное, пока разбирался программа успела вылететь. Мой совет вам не покупать это. деньги жалко и потраченное попусту время! Отстой! НЕ БРАТЬ!

Не то что я ожидал! (2.0.4)
23.04.2013 5:42:00 1/5 По RVadim123
Скачал эту прогу с сайта производителя, использовал Trial версию, взял DVD с записю моего сына в садике, отправил в него все файлы ***.vob, он все файлы засосал и сконвертировал в iTunes. мне показалость это очень удобно. Единственый косячок - это водянной знак с названием программы! Хотел сначала скачать пакет программ (конвертер, запись с тьюба, и этот редактор) но когда вошел в магазин для оплаты, мне было предложено купить еще всякой ерунды, назначение которой я до конца не понял (как то это не по Маковски). Ну да ладно, посморел в APP Store, смотрю висит, правда название насколько другое, ну дуамаю - дело не в деньгах, память о ребенке и удоство использования проги с сайта того стоит! Загружаю эту программу и что вы бы подумали, тот единственный DVD с записью моего сына в эту прогу не засасывает, запускаю прогу с сайта - все нормально! Так что, уважаемые пользователи, будте бдительны! Теперь вообще не понимаю - зачем мне эта программа ((

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