Kentaro Yama


По Kentaro Yama 28.12.2017 - Цена : 75 р. Plateform : iPhone/iPad
With this app, you can add effects like a cross filter to attach to the camera lens. Light emitting ...


По Kentaro Yama 29.12.2014 - Цена : 75 р. Plateform : iPhone/iPad
AHDR2, a professional Single-Photo HDR editor, let you easily create stunning full resolution HDR im...


По Kentaro Yama 20.12.2014 - Цена : 75 р. Plateform : iPhone/iPad
A-HDR is an application that can generate an HDR-like image from one picture. That can produce Power...


По Kentaro Yama 03.12.2012 - Цена : 33 р. Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Experience the shooting technique called "Slit Scan" by using Scany! 12 types of unique shutter, inc...

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